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A magical Tooth Fairy visit would not be complete without writing a Tooth Fairy letter, the Tooth Fairy loves to hear from children and shares your stories and pictures with the helpers to encourage them to keep being brave like the child who wrote the letter or drew the picture. This gives the Tooth Fairy and helpers an idea of what sort of reward to leave

These Tooth Fairy letters will  be timeless keepsakes of your child’s toothless moments, evidence to their developing creativity, handwriting / drawing skills and childhood imagination and innocence.

Alternatively use the Tooth Fairy inspired stationery to write a letter from the Tooth Fairy. Expect excitement when the child wakes up in the morning to discover that they baby tooth has magically disappeared and in its place lies a Tooth Fairy Letter and a little reward.

The tooth fairy approved, Tooth Fairy Letter Stationery pack comes with 20 letters – one for every baby tooth or you can encourage writing to any of the fairies at Fairyland, send their worries off to the fairies who will make the worry magically disappear, write or draw a picture for the Birthday or Christmas fairies. This stationery has multiple uses.

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