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This sturdy Childhood memory book is a beautiful and sentimental way to keep your child’s lost baby teeth. Invented by a dentist-dad, the Baby Tooth Album has been tested and approved by parents worldwide, winning several awards for product innovation.

The Baby Tooth Keepsake Book is divided into 3 separate sections to help you store, organise, care and cherish your child’s baby teeth.

Baby Tooth Organiser

Save those precious pearly white baby teeth in the compact tooth organiser. Each tooth has its own home! After the Tooth Fairy visit, simply rotate the clear protective cover  place the tooth inside and then rotate the cover shut, it will goes into the corresponding spot particulary for that tooth.

No more zip lock bag, envelops or mini tooth boxes to contend with when it comes to storing and keeping baby teeth and keeping childhood  memories alive in our hearts.

Baby Tooth Chart

On the right-hand side of this baby tooth book, you’ll find a baby tooth chart to help keep track of which specific tooth was lost and where it belongs in the baby tooth organiser. Use the diagram to identify each lost tooth and at the same time record personal notes of when or how the tooth was lost

Space for a Toothless Photo

Personalise the keepsake baby memory book for your child with a space on the left hand page to record the memorable days and add a photo of that beautiful toothless grin. Share the journey with your child or keep it secret as a wonderful momento to reminisce about when your child is older.

Comes in 3 Designs of brave and helpful tooth collectors.

Eli Firefly – is distinctively unisex in design. It brings to the life the story of the Tooth Fairy’s little hero. Eli the Firefly is a brave helper and dedicated lost tooth collector. Alongside his curious friends, Eli helps parents to locate and skilfully sort treasured baby teeth.

Boy Pirate design is set amongst the beautiful sandy shores of Tooth Fairy Island, at the break of dawn just as the sun is peeking above the horizon. The pirate boy is dozing off after collecting his stash of priceless baby teeth but the sly crabs are waiting to steal his bounty. Just in the nick of time, the Tooth Fairy waves her magic wand and in a flash of stars and sparkles she rescues the treasure.

Girl Pirate design depicts a toothless pirate girl sleeping atop a treasure chest brimming with shimmering gold coins and sparkling diamonds. But the most precious treasure of them all is a haul of shiny glittering baby teeth. The pirate girl is unaware of the sneeky seal spying on her and ready to steal the most precious treasure but once again the Tooth Fairy flutters in and waves her magic wand and in a flash of stars and sparkles she rescues the treasure before the old sneeky seal claims it for it’s own

The owners of The Baby Tooth Keepsake Book have the original tooth put safely into the Baby Tooth Organiser, once the Tooth Fairy has taken a magical copy and recorded it in the Fairyland Database.

The Baby Tooth Keepsake Book has a beautiful bright and attractive illustrated cover, a magnetic button on the book flap allows for easy access to the baby keepsake and for it to be firmly & securely closed shut.

Help the The Tooth Fairy or one of her helpers locate your child’s lost tooth by placing a door hanger on their door. Your child might like to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and leave a bag, pillow or container out with the tooth inside where the tooth fairy or helpers can take the tooth and trade it for cash or a gift. Accessories sold seperately.


Eli the Firefly, Boy Pirate, Girl Pirate

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