Fairy Houses

Imagine your own Fairy village down  in the garden? Add whimsical Fairy Houses  to your Fairy Garden and invite the Fairies to dance and play under the moonlight and then stay in their own magical fairy home. Fairies love to move into areas where they are safe from trolls and goblins. Build an exciting village where they can bring their families. They will scatter magical fairy dust and scatter happiness and luck on everyone who visits, even you!

Add beautiful tiny accessories like bridges, fences, ponds, pathways, gazebos.  Turn your garden into a fairy community. Give the fairies a space of their own to chill and enjoy fairy life. Little household accessories can be added, furniture and furnishings, even an outdoor settings. A mailbox for letters from faraway families and friends is needed. But Snail mail was invented by the fairies and that is still their preferred way of communicating with loved ones. However Dragonflies are needed for express post.

A Fairy garden is great for people of all ages. Children learn  to solve problems by using their imagination and thinking skills. The right location for a fairy house takes careful consideration. You don’t want to be attacked by trolls or flooded in storms. Fairy wings are too delicate to get soaked, and they won’t be able to fly to safety.

Hang shiny objects on branches and near ponds because fairies love things that sparkle. Natural sticks and small rocks can be made into paths, bridges and other creative fairy objects because fairies love naturetoo.

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Showing 1–12 of 51 results