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The Magic of a Fairy Garden

Fairy Houses and Fairy Gardens are all in trend again. Spending quality time with loved ones in open fresh air and using your imagination to create something magical, is a memorable and special time. Taking a well earned break from technology and letting the creative juices flow¬† is necessary for a child to grow and learn how to troubleshoot and navigate through life. Electronic games and movies are ideologies that are created by others and influence people in terms of guidance and advice, they encourage being a follower instead of taking opportunities and allowing the use initiative to take a lead role. Creativity builds dreams and character and often the most simplest things are the beginnings of great people! To think this may be as simple as a fairy garden and whoever said there is no such thing as fairies and they don’t believe in magic, it’s all there for the taking and begins with one little fairy and one pot of soil.

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